Professional Learning for teachers

The Jewish Holocaust Centre has developed a professional learning program to support Victorian schools and teachers in implementing mandated Holocaust education at Level 9/10. This is a free program for all Victorian Government Secondary Schools. To find out more, please register your interest below.

teaching the Holocaust

Helping you to meet the new Holocaust education requirements.

Our 8-step program is designed to ensure you have the knowledge, pedagogy and confidence to teach the Holocaust meaningfully and safely.

8 -Step Professional Learning Program

The entire program takes 5.5 hours to complete and can be undertaken over 7 weeks or as a one-day program. This course is aligned with the AITSL standards and is free for all Victorian Government Secondary Schools.

In this 30 minute phone call, a JHC educator will have a conversation with the appropriate senior curriculum leader, either the Head of Learning/Humanities to ascertain the status of Holocaust curriculum in the school and the needs of the teaching team.

During this LIVE session we will look at the rationale of teaching the Holocaust and have the opportunity meet and learn from a Melbourne-based Holocaust survivor. This session will also include a Q&A session with our survivor. An outline of the course and the requirements will also be discussed.

In 2020, 13 expert educators created an online Holocaust resource on FUSE which includes, policy, guidance, resources and lesson plans. In this online, self-paced session you will learn how to navigate this site and see what a rich treasure trove this resource is for teaching the Holocaust.

During the development of the Holocaust education resources on FUSE, the team of expert educators identified key topics that teachers need to be familiar with before teaching the Holocaust. In this step, participants build their Holocaust knowledge by completing four of the below modules using self-paced e-learning modules.

Teachers need to complete Module 1 and Module 6 and can choose to complete two modules from Modules 2-5.

Module 1 – compulsory – Antisemitism and Pre-war Jewish life

Module 2 – Rise of Nazism & impact on Jewish population

Module 3 – War, Persecution, Ghettoisation

Module 4 – Murder, Deportation and Camps

Module 5 – Resistance and Acts of Courage

Module 6 – compulsory – Liberation and Aftermath

This step will be a LIVE session with an expert educator outlining pedagogical guidance to teaching the Holocaust in a safe, meaningful and effective manner. It will involve thinking about what messages we want students to take away from learning about the Holocaust and any questions that arose from Step 4.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the quantity of material available to teach the Holocaust. In this LIVE session, an expert Holocaust educator will highlight their top engaging resources, and why they would use them.

In this step, graduates from the Gandel Holocaust Studies Course for Australian Educators at Yad Vashem, have used their expertise and put into practice the pedagogical advice. In this e-learning module these teachers share excellent teaching ideas that they have implemented in their classrooms.

In this step we bring together all the learning from the professional learning program to support implementation in your classrooms. Working with an expert Holocaust educator your teaching team will collaborate on the design of your Holocaust sequence as part of the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO). For some teaching teams this might be starting from scratch or refining an existing program.

Start learning today.

The Professional Learning program has been developed by the Jewish Holocaust Centre and funded by the Department of Education and Gandel Philanthropy for delivery to Victorian Government Secondary Schools.